Triang No. 50 Triang No. 50 Triang No. 50 198254855 Triang No. 50 Original painted interior. The rough structure of the hardboard walls shows through the very thin cream paint. 198254856 Triang No. 50 Papered with antique German wallpaper samples. I think this makes the inside look less like a box and more like a house. I used a cellulose-based wallpaper paste so the paper can be easily removed by dampening it. I left the cream painted floors and ceilings as they were. 198254857 Triang No. 50 Furnished with a mixture of vintage and antique English and German furniture. The dolls are German in an English house... with a mix'em-gather'em of "inherited" furniture and pieces contemporary to the house. Not a purists' house, but the "accumulated" look is something I find especially charming about older dolls' houses. 198254858 Triang No. 50, kitchen The furniture is unmarked German (the table and chair possibly by Gottschalk) with an early Barton electric fire, Dol-Toi sink and Barrett & Sons washing machine. The open dresser is home-made. 198254859 Triang No. 50, kitchen Dol-Toi sink 198254860 Triang No. 50, kitchen Unmarked tin sewing-machine, probably German 198254861 Triang No. 50, kitchen Early metal Barton electric fire 198254862 Triang No. 50 - proper china at last! 198263587 Triang No. 50 - proper china at last! The "china" is a modern dolls' house set 198263589 Triang No. 50, kitchen This tiny metal weighing scales is marked "MADE IN HONG K..." on the base 198282734 Furniture shuffle Trying out this lovely metal table and chairs (bought from Carol Peters on this site, thank you very much Carol) in the Triang No. 50 kitchen. I like it here, it looks better in reality than in the photograph. 199831666 Triang No. 50, sitting-room Unmarked antique German furniture with home-made fireplace and antique German metal radio 198254863 Triang No. 50, sitting-room Bisculoid doll by Hertwig, 1930s 198254864 Triang No. 50, sitting-room Dried thyme in a modern glass vase 198254865 New tea-things My granny had one of these cottage tea-pots, I suppose they are really kitschy but I rather like them. I'd never get away with one in our human house... 199831665 Triang No. 50, sitting-room bay window Unmarked carpet sweeper, Barrett & Sons metal telephone and home-made chest inspired by the Barton Tudor range 198262892 Triang No. 50, bedroom Unmarked antique German furniture, early metal Barton electric fire 198254866 Triang No. 50, bedroom Painted bisque doll marked "Germany" and hoover by Dol-Toi 198254867 Triang No. 50, bedroom Antique German furniture 198254868 Always room for one more animal.... "New" (old) china cat added (takes up no room really). 199831664 Triang No. 50, bedroom bay window Barton ironing board and iron 198262891 Triang No. 50, bathroom The table, bath and sink are by Dol-Toi, the metal gas fire by F.G. Taylor & Sons, the toilet is German and the towel rack is home-made 198254869 Triang No. 50, bathroom Painted bisque or composition German doll ca. 1950 198254870 Triang No. 50 - curious dog 198263588 Triang No. 50, bathroom Metal gas fire by F.G. Taylor & Sons 198254871 Triang No. 50, the residents From left to right: celluloid Minerva doll by Buschow & Beck, ca. 1930; painted bisque or composition German doll, ca. 1950; two bisculoid dolls by Hertwig, 1930s; painted bisque doll marked "Germany", she is the only one who had to be redressed. 198254872 House with chimney I found a possible Triang chimney for the house some time ago (thank you Dale!). Not sure if it is "right" but I like it. 200944209 Chimney close up 200944210