My latest find My latest find Don't be fooled! This old girl arrived safely this morning. So well packed by its seller. From looking at photo's on this site I think it looks very much like one in the Dolly Mixture gallery. Can anyone explain what a Dolly Mixture is? This little house is tiny 15 1/2 inches high, 28 inches wide including the garage, 13 inches deep. The windows that are left look original and are peacock blue. Does that help to date it? I have already tried scraping some of the white paint away and there seems to be a honey coloured paint underneath, with some climbing plants up the walls. 195079061 its a wreck but I have seen worse! Baseboard and back wall have been replaced by hardboard at some point, possibly to add the garage, which I am pretty certain is not part of the original, and will be biting the dust soon! 195079062 Lovely wallpaper! Already gone! So has the nets! 195079063 Who needs a front door! The space left by the door is lovely though. I am thinking double oak plank doors! Definitely at sometime in the future though. other things need to take precedence. 195079064 195079068 Arched doorways I love these. 195079070 Floor paper Remnants remain of the original floor paper upstairs, which looks like a terracotta type tile effect, soft pinks etc 195079065 That garage 195079066 Not sure about roof Made of cardboard not wood. Could be worse. Taping at seems is in a poor state. At the moment it is black but you can make out slate detailing, but not sure what the original state would have been. There is evidence of red paint on the wood detailing. 195079067 That's better! After a wash and scrub up looking - and smelling much better. Base board fell off and back was taken off, both to allow better access for scraping off the wallpaper in the fiddly bits, and to replace with wooden panel rather than the hardboard which was on there. 195132615 Already got some ideas buzzing around. Might take some time but we will get there. 195132616 Getting there As there are quite a few of these houses around, and the windows all needed replacing I decided not to restore to original condition but to start and see where we got to. I painted the window frames with brown Hammerite and glazed with diamond leaded perspex. I made new timbering for the gables 196946926 A new coat of paint Under the white paint was a lovely honey colour, so the whole house, inside and out got a new coat of paint in this colour. Outside woodwork was painted brown to match the windows. A nice new baseboard to replace the badly splintered original. [not yet attached. working on the best way to do this. see forum] 196946927 Flooring Managed to find some herringbone parquet flooring which looks identical to the one hobbies sold in the 1950's. 196946928 Camouflage Thought I would try to camouflage the roof rather than to repaint in a solid colour. Played around with ragging using brown and green colours. Finished with a coat of varnish to protect it. 196946929 New doors Made these from an offcut of wood I found in Hubby's kindling box. A couple of upholstery tacks for handles. 196946930 Pargetting The house looked a bit bland, and needed something to lift it out of the ordinary. Having been to Saffron Waldon last year and seen the beautifully decorated houses there I decided this house would make an ideal candidate to have a go. Chatting to Judy C we thought about using Anaglypta wallpaper cutting bits of patterns out to make up our own designs 196946931 having been fairly restrained on the front decided to go all out on the sides! 196946932 The Old Hall A new name to go with the new look! Not there yet though. Might look complete but its all just propped together at the moment. 196947092 Panelling Thought I would go for some oak panelling in here. Just wanted to go to dado rail height. DHE very expensive and quite wasteful so decided to have a go at making some myself. 197036092 Making it in panels outside the house is much easier than trying to work in a confined space 197036093 Cereal packets, wood veneer coffee stirrers and wooden floorboards 197036102 I wanted to change the shape of the arch 197036095 A work in progress 197036096 Panelling in situ Not finished, and just propped against the walls but it gives an idea of how it will look 197036097 New archway New archway in place to check for fit. Hinges hidden by the front door so it does not matter that they are not perfectly cut round 197036100 Welcome to Old Hall Interior decor finished at last. 197391090 Come in 197391091 The Living Room Take a seat. It all started with this wallpaper. It reminded me of a gilded and embossed leather panelled room I had seen in a NT house. 197391093 The view through to the entrance hall from the living room. 197391094 The plaster ceiling Found this paper when doing the Pargetting on the outside. was unsure about the size of the pattern for this tiny house but it looks good. 197391092 The Dining Room Whew! All finished..... 197391095 197391096 and furnished. 197391097 197391098 The Green Room Snug Throughout the entire restoration process the back panel has been off to help with access to hidden areas. This was the view from the back of the house before it was replaced. I love this little sitting area in the corner, but now the house is on it will never be seen again. It is indicative of the way this how has dictated its terms to me. It was so very tempting not to bother with this area because it would never be seen again, but it was crying out for a little secret. 197391099 The whole room Again from the back, looking towards the front doors. It is such a pretty view it's a shame it is now hidden away. I was quite tempted to cut windows in the back just so I could see it from here! As you can see the front doors are still to finish off! 197391100 The Green Room By Lamplight. Looking through the arch towards The Blue Room 197391101 The Green Room Snug Looking through the window of the little sitting area. The only way to see it now! 197391102 The Green Room I bought a cheval mirror to try to get a reflected view of the snug but it is not big enough for the purpose. The Triang bed was originally in my Hobbies house, but it looks good here with all the Barton Tudor so it's going to stay. I have some beautiful red and green fabric for the bedspread. 197391103 197391104 Truckle bed Judy's lovely little truckle bed in its new home. She made this as a house warming gift for me. Many thanks Judy. Xx 197667936 The Blue Room From the back of the house - looking through the arch to the little sitting area of the Green Room 197391105 The Blue Room 197391106 The Blue Room 197391107 The Blue Room Most of the furniture belongs in this room, but the bed is borrowed from Mayflower Hall. The 'Triang' four poster is going in here...... when I have made it! 197391109 This house has taken me on a journey I never expected to take. It was to be a simple paint job. then maybe a bit of wallpaper here and there, and then.......this house has dictated the way it wanted to be from beginning to end. The ugly duckling wanted to be a swan! 197391108