GeeBee house GeeBee house My new house arrived today!! I was very lucky that Lily asked if I would like to buy her GeeBee house and I didn't even have to think about it!! I have always loved it and looking forward to hopefully making it look as good as she did! I know you have seen t before but its different seeing it all empty so I will show you again anyway ha ha!! 193127039 Lovely condition windows with metal blinds 193127040 Would these be the original windows?? they seem to be but they have holes for fixing pins top and bottom which don't reach the window frame? 193127041 Pretty front door! 193127042 Nice layout with a fixed middle section 193127043 The decorated doors are so much nicer to look at!! 193127044 193127045 I did have to replace the kitchen flooring as I wiped it with a babywipe without thinking it might not be sealed and smudged the black! I used the new plastic style flooring I got from the DH shop its great! 193127046 193127047 The ensuite bathroom what a clever idea! So simple but so effective!! It looks like it was meant to be there! 193127048 I added the bit of flooring in the bathroom. 193127049 193127050 Now I just need to decide whats going where and have fun filling it up tomorrow!! 193127051 Been having a little play today and filling up the new house! I wanted to try and use all my early Barton stuff that came with the Triang as it seemed a shame to have it sitting in a draw! 193174730 193174734 I need a couple more chairs and a bigger rug! It looks a bit bare in here its a big room to fill! I have put a little Ari family in residence for now as hey suited it! 193174732 Mrs Ari in her kitchen! This poor kitchen has been moved so many times still not sure it will stay as its 'borrowed' from the BE! 193174733 She has been busy baking today! 193174938 The children are as big as their parents lol they are big for their age and from a time when it was still ok to play with toys at the age of 12! They are twin girls one is very girly and the other a tomboy. The rocking horse came with the Broome house. 193174735 Mum and Dads room and the lovely Barton double bed that also came in the Broome house! Needs a different rug in a nice green pattern! 193174936 The ensuite has no sink yet just a dol toi bath and toilet! 193174937 Sorry a bit of a pic fest I got a bit carried away with the camera! 194032190 I have redecorated the kitchen with my lovely chicken paper as it goes so nicely with the green Barton kitchen. 194032191 I need another dresser to display the crockery! 194032192 194032203 So chuffed to get this on Ebay last week as it was just what I had been looking for! 194032193 I love this kitchen so much! 194032204 Managed to get some dolls from Ebay who looked just right for Mum and Dad! I think the baby is maybe Caco? Not sure though it came in a little lot I bought but is very cute and beautifully made! 194032194 The little doll was the one of the ones I won from Claire. She was just the right size and I finally managed to find her a sister! 194032195 194032196 New pink bathroom! 194032197 Dad wondering if anyone will notice if he steals a bun! 194032199 194032198 Just noticed I have 2 clocks lol no wonder I couldn't find the other one it was in here all the time! 194032200 Lounge door 194032201 Kitchen door 194032202 Lights work from a battery at the back. 194032211 The family all together 194032213 Just playing around with the camera! 194032210 194032206 This looks almost real! 194032207 194032208 194032209 Family portrait! 194032212