Kim's haul today Kim's haul today Handicrafts House? External view of house that hubby kindly took me to collect today. 3.5 hours round trip! 192041938 Handicrafts House? Internal view of house. Can't play tomorrow, going to my niece's wedding. 192041939 Bedroom set 192040828 Living room set 192040829 Dining room table and chairs 192040830 Kitchen items 192040831 Last group that came with house The stove is German I think. The candle holder thing has Germany stamped on the underneath. 192043223 Dolls, pram and chair 192040832 Also came with house 192043220 ..and these too 192043221 ..another set 192043222 Handicrafts Wallpaper This is what I found under the modern paper in the top left hand room, can't believe how beautiful it is! 192115839 Handiscrafts wallpaper This is the bottom right hand room. What do you think of the wallpaper in this one? Must have been the kitchen. What a lucky find! 192115840 Top right hand room Don't think the frieze is original as seems to be stuck on top of wallpaper but it's so pretty I think I will leave it. 192128692 Kitchen Not much more modern wallpaper to remove now :-) 192148658 Roof Look what I found today under three different layers of "brick" paper on the roof. It's still a bit damp so not sure how clear it is but it's grey tile, the original layer. 192170115 Update Left hand bedroom 197700333 Update Sitting room. ( not managed to finish removing old wallpaper yet) 197700334 Update Right hand bedroom (notice no bathroom, but of course there wouldn't have been one in this era) 197700335 Update Kitchen, also still needs more wallpaper removing. 197700436 Latest update 1 Hubby kindly made me a "wooden cradle" to support the house upside down after I realised that the paper I could see on the ceilings wasn't the original. 200649441 Latest update 2 This picture shows the walls of the downstairs (the green) walls, they are amazing. Also how slow progress is on the ceiling :-( 200649442 Latest update 3 Here is the dining room ceiling. Hubby tested the lights and they actual work, looking forward to having them all back in place after have stripped all the paper that is not original off. 200649443 Latest update 4 This shows the light upstairs more clearly, not properly re-attached yet, and progress of the stripping! 200649444