My Woodline House My Woodline House 190955946 190955947 190955948 190955949 190955950 190955951 190955952 190955953 190955954 190956436 190956437 190956438 190956439 The LeRoy house This is the house the kit was designed from. Built in 1881 by Dr. William LeRoy, with an Italianate architectural style, the LeRoy house was home to one of the area's most prominent doctors. Dr. LeRoy specialized in making artificial limbs for civil war veterans and lived in this house until 1900. The house would eventually become the home of Harold Gray's parents and the studio of Harold Gray, the originator of the Little Orphan Annie cartoon strip. Harold Gray used the home's study to work on the Annie cartoons until he remarried and moved to the east coast. 190964267 190965104