Shanni's "Bashed" Country Tudor Shanni's "Bashed" Country Tudor Ta Da! Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been incommunicado but I've been deeply obsessed with creating a display for my coveted Barton Tudor furniture! 189165877 Starts With A Kit Here's a picture of what the kit will make and the pieces that come with it. It's a Real Good Toys Country Tudor. 189165878 The Challenging Bay Window Bash This shows how I cut open the second floor area of the door wall to create the bay window. The inside of the bay window is made out of a couple of Concord room dividers. 189165879 Overhead, A Bird's Eye View The skylight side. The home has two matching chimneys. Dyed shingles in the kitchen sink! 189165880 Open Sesame! The big door wall. Gee, wish my real house could do this! 189165881 The Inside: Living Room Now I have a home for my coveted Barton Tudor furniture! 189165882 The Inside: Bedroom I moved the stairs to the back. I also lowered the ceiling so the Attic would have more space. I figured the bedroom could be a bit "cozy". 189165883 The Inside: Attic OK, so a little view from the outside too! 189165884 The Furniture Moves In: Living Room Petite Princess lounge chairs and Barton trestle table and chairs, hutch, and corner cupboard. 189165885 The Furniture Moves In: Bedroom Barton bed, highboy and trunk. Love the slipper tub! 189165886 The Furniture Moves In: Attic Art Studio Oh, would I love an art studio like this! I thought it was going to be a bathroom, but then inspiration struck! Barton side board and trestle table and chairs (yes, I have two sets of these). The easel is artist made and shipped in from England. 189165887 Limoges Table and Chairs I have to show these off. My little Limoges Napoleon and Josephine table set. And found at Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor. Wow! PS Thanks Zoe for all the encouragement!!! 189165888