Rosalind's dollshouses Rosalind's dollshouses Geebee Tudor Cottage Always wanted a proper dollshouse - and here it is ! 186959263 Tudor Cottage inside I decorated it, and have partially furnished it. It's an ongoing project. The inhabitants are called Philip and Margaret. 186959264 Tudor Cottage kitchen Margaret about to make tea in her tiny kitchen. The table and chairs are Lundby, but the kitchen units and cooker are just paper mock-ups, until I can get round to getting some proper kitchen things in here. 187029957 New kitchen units These come in kit form (is it OK to give the firm that makes them ?), they are really easy to make, and I'm really pleased with the effect. 194842325 New kitchen units in situ I hope Margaret is pleased with them. 194842326 Tudor Cottage bedroom update They now have a wardrobe and a cheval glass.The cheval glass came with a wardrobe that I bought, which turned out to be too small. This wardrobe used to be a display cabinet in a 1/12 house; I removed the perspex panels, added some wooden ones, and made some feet for it using beads. I'm starting to like this room now - it's looking nicely cluttered ! 191606937 Tudor Cottage parlour The bookcase is the only new thing - made from a kit. 191610329 Little Triang (I think . . . ) I'm no expert, and I originally thought this was a Triang no. 60, but having read Marion Osborne's excellent book on Triangs, I now wonder if it might be a no. 23. It measures 16.25" high by 13 and five eighths inches wide, and 9 and five-eighths deep, which means it can't be a no. 60 or an A. The book gives measurements of 16.25" high by 13.75" wide for a no. 23, which seems to fit pretty closely. Anyway, whatever it is, I still think it's cute ! 187239216 'Little Triang' open This photo and the previous one show what it looked like when it arrived - freshly decorated with repro Triang papers. 187239217 'Little Triang' exterior - complete Now completely decorated and furnished. 196181041 'Little Triang' interior - complete Front re-attached, and the inside decorated and furnished. 196181187 'Little Triang' bedroom 187407704 Inhabitants and furniture for the 'Little Triang' The lady of the house is called Amelia, the little girl is Sandra. I also planned to make furniture for this house from kits; here are their beds and bedside tables. Amelia's bed is partly made up; I'm still working on the bedspread, but progress is slow because I don't really like sewing very much ! 188595839 'Little Triang' upper floor Not keeping the repro papers; my plan for this house was to use printies from teh interwebz. So this is how the bedroom looks now, with the furniture I made, plus a fireplace that used to be a Christmas tree decoration, and the wardrobe I originally intended for the Tudor Cottage, but it proved to be too small, and works better here. 196181201 'Little Triang' sun porch from the side The sun porch has stucco-effect walls, and tiles I made on the computer. The furniture is from the same kits that I've used on the rest of the house. I added a little shelf, with smaller tiles. I quite like the idea of sitting in here, having breakfast in the sun ! 193536374 Meanwhile, downstairs in the parlour . . . More printies, with false doors, and furniture from kits. The carpet and the fireplace are bought things that I happened to have lying around. 191619840 Oo oo oo ! New toy ! Come and see ! New Tudor Lodge, just arrived from a certain auction site ! 187620203 Inside left Looks clean and nice inside; has some non-working electrics, which will have to go. 187620202 Tudor Lodge Bedroom It took me ages, but I eventually got round to doing something with this house. I've decided that for this one, instead of using kits and printies etc, I'd like to mainly design my own decor, so that's what's happening here. I designed the wallpaper, flooring, and false door on the computer, and have just put them in. The floor was a lot of work - I may not bother with designing my own in the rest of the house. I also made the fireplace; I've decided that the house looks pretty old in style, so it has a big old-fashioned fireplace. 198194728 Tudor Lodge tenant I've now acquired a tenant for the lodge; this is Miss Fiona Agnes McDoll, who has been able to move in now that I've made her some bedroom furniture. I didn't make the bedding though - that came from a nice lady on That Auction Site. 198194630 Tudor Lodge bedroom 1 furnished This is how it looks in the bedroom now; Miss Fiona can sleep comfortably, while I get on with the big room next door. 198194800 Inside right How it looked when it arrived: staircase falling apart, but I want to reposition and possibly replace the staircase anyway. 187620205 Inside right updated I removed the electricals & cut a new stairwell so I can reposition the stair case, and decorated. It turns out that Miss Fiona is a music teacher, and this will be her music teaching room. I'm working on some more furniture for her at the moment 198753576 Surprise ! It wasn't clear to me from the auction site photos what was happening with the roof, though I knew that the windows in the gable ends weren't standard. The whole roof opens, giving three more areas to use. Even the cats seem to think this is worth a closer look ! 187620201 More attic rooms This house has much more potential than I realised. I think this is a project that's going to take a long time - it might even stop me from buying any more houses for a while ! 187620204 Collection is growing New addition is a Kitfix cedar lodge. My kind hubby put up a shelf for the Tudor Cottage and the 'Little Triang'. 194822939 Interior of the Cedar Lodge This is how it looked when it arrived. There was a partition in the top right-hand room, put in over the carpet - I'm not keeping that or the carpets. My intention for furnishing and decorating this one is to make it like a Tyrolean chalet - painted furniture, one of those big stoves with ceramic tiles, etc; but all I've done so far is a wooden ceiling and wall in one room. 196262170 Crest Cottage - exterior Latest new toy is a Triang Crest Cottage. According to Marion's Book, this dates from about 1966/7, around the time when I first wanted a dolls house. Cute as a button ! 200382856 Crest Cottage - interior The fronts slide out sideways. The inside is nice and clean, except for the rather bright wallpaper downstairs. An odd thing I've found is that the exterior seems to be sixteenth scale, but when I put some sixteenth furniture in it, it looked too big, so I think the inside is really eighteenth scale. I'm planning to decorate it like the house I lived in at that time, as close as I can remember. 200382857