Barton four posters. Barton four posters. Early Barton bed - note "carving" on back and feet. Fitted mattress, This was not supplied with any hangings. 181248782 Base of early bed showing feet. 181248780 Showing base of mattress.. 181248783 Later bed, now lower with no feet and no "carving" on back The mattress is flimsy and striped blue and white. The drapes are fairly mean, red silky fabric with yellow stitching.It is put together using staples, is a lighter shade than the early bed and the posts are clumsier in design. 181248784 This was produced for Pollock's Toy Museum in London. It is nailed together and did not have a mattress or hangings It has a plain back - please ignore the decorative bits that have been added. 181248785 Underside of later beds, note differences. 181248786