First Gee Bee House First Gee Bee House New House Not sure when this house was made, any input is appreciated. 174343330 New House inside 174343331 Washing Boiler Spent the whole day making this out of a kitchen roll insert, just got to refine the lid and add a chimney flue. 174783326 Kitchen in new house I tried hard to make this kitchen different from my last house but haven't succeeded. 174938693 Kitchen shelves I'm gradually filling the kitchen shelves. 175649534 Change around in the kitchen 190473705 New trim on sofa and chairs I changed the trim on the sofa and chairs and changed the wallpaper. New cushions next on the list. 175889401 New Wallpaper Changed the wallpaper, flooring and fireplace. 190562512 Bathroom a few extras added 176559011 Bedroom Fireplace and a few extras added 176559568 Room at top of stairs The plant's got to go. 177019049 Middle room upstairs 190547265 Stairs What am I going to do with those stairs? 175650064 Nearly finished Few more bits and pieces to add then it's onto the new 'house'. 176473089 Changed the bathroom The original bathroom suite has been moved to another house. Still to get taps for the bath. 190630217 Changed the bedroom Borrowed the bed from another house 190748086 Old house - different look 190748087