Red Roses -Triang 60 Red Roses -Triang 60 Triang 60 exterior. I replaced the gable trim using similar weight card and the original as a pattern. I was able to replace the original tacks in the holes made at manufacture. The windows were rusting so I was advised to treat and re-paint. I used grey paint, so they aren't too stark. I only washed the walls, and stippled over scuff marks on the roof and base. 173679166 Interior original paper. I found this SO dirty and depressing after many years debating it had to go!! 173679167 Newly papered Using samples from the DIY store. 173679164 Original floor papers. I have left them untouched. I like to make my own rugs so much of the floor paper downstairs is covered by my needlepoint masterpiece! 173679165 Dressed after re-decoration In the porch the original flooring is torn so I slipped some covered card into place, but it is not glued down. This house holds many souvenires found while on holidays. 173679163 Upstairs close up 192717387 Downstairs close up The silver basket and bone mouse in the RH corner belonged to my late mother as a girl in Vienna. 192717388 Side porch with false flooring. 193943754 Original floor paper. Squatters evicted temporarily ! 193943755 False flooring. I cut a piece of cartridge paper to fit, glued some brick paper over and when dry covered it with clear sticky back plastic. 193943756