Valerie's G & J Lines No 12 (first thought to be Silber and Fleming) Valerie's G & J Lines No 12 (first thought to be Silber and Fleming) 190823462 Six Rooms on Three Floors The lady I bought it from said it had been completely overpainted and she had stripped most of it off. She was only selling because she was moving and was keeping a massive 6 foot x 6 foot square house and three others. 172909068 Probably 1890 date. 172909067 This area still needs a bit of stripping 172909065 172909066 The sides and back are all polished llike this but there is a hint of the typical orangey paint still showing in parts. 172909069 Inside Front opening 173043422 Inside showing vanished front door. 173043423 Ground and first floor 172909057 Top Floor The seller had bought all this Antique French Wallpaper in America. She said it cost her a fortune and then she had to pay Customs on it too. 172909058 Top Right Hand Room 172909060 Top Left Hand Room 172909059 Middle Left Hand Room I bought this suite hoping it would do for this house but as you see, it is far too big. Too gorgeous not to keep it though! 172909062 Middle Right Hand Room 172909061 Lower Right Hand Room 172909064 Kitchen, work in progress! Stove not right. The only floor that the seller had stripped was this one. Hopefully the originals are still under the paint in the other rooms too! 172909063 Brass Dining Chairs These arrived yesterday and I made the cushions and the lampshade from my old slippers trimmed with Russian braid that I have had for 10 years! 173043421 Fireplace number one 174087128 Fireplace number two with fender 174086717 Trying a few bits for size! 174087129 Bed curtains from lawn handkies. This is Gum's bedroom. As he is an explorer, I thought he might like something a bit exotic! The yellow floor is not stopping! 175691858 Gum's carpet 175796232 the bedcover was the top of a purse bought from Oxfam 175691859 Close up of Gum's carpet 175796233 Gum's Desk 175857321 Overview of Gum's Room 175857322 Inside after Blue jumped on the roof & cleared it out! 190823461