TRIANG 50, My Perfect Little Art Deco House TRIANG 50, My Perfect Little Art Deco House Triang 50. I have a confession! In October when all of you were gathering at Cobham ? in Surry? ( too far away for me) I hot footed it down the M6 with obliging hubby in tow from Cumbria to an auction in Yorkshire where I bidded and won this,eventually!!! after being bidded up to a price well above the 80 to 120 estimate !!!! 171065406 Front view again. Please tell me other wise but I think it is perfect. It is in my living room with all the other art deco things I have. So it fits in very well. I just sit and look at it in awe!. I have all 5 of these now and this is the one in the most original condition.I cant improve it in any way! 171065407 Side View. Not much to say really. 171065408 Back View. No Triang label on the back. Why? No evidence of there ever having being one there. No pin holes. No circular shadow. Havent tested the electrics. Not bothered. Im really not going to touch this house. 171065409 Side View. 171065410 Inside. All original. Nothing has been touched. A child has never got near this. 171065411 Top Room. 171065412 Bottom Room. 171065413 Stairs. 171065414 Garage and Sun Room. 171065415 Front Opening part. 171065416 Garage Doors. 171065417 Lower Room Floor , walls, doors, fireplace, shade etc 171065418 Upper Room. Floor, walls, door, fireplace, shade etc 171065419 Stairs. All original, compared to the others I have. 171065420 Front windows. Made of glass. No evidence of curtains although I know these houses had curtains. Not even a stray thread still present. No holes where pins holding curtains up might have been. 171065421 The Landing Upstairs. 171065422 The Roof. The chimney and the battery holder. 171065423 Battery holder/ 171065424 Front upper window. Now! These trees? They look old. They look like they have been there from day one. Can anybody advise me? One has deteriorated slightly. 171065425 Suntrap and chimney. 171065426 Suntrap and chimney. 171065427 Its not very big! I would welcome any comments. I realise I dont have as much experience as a lot of you.But I really love these art deco doll houses.They are so unique. I often wonder how many are left in the country. 171065428 Pedestrian entrance. 171065429 Garage doors. The front green area is scuffed as you can see. 171065430