Lucy's Dollshouse Lucy's Dollshouse Snug Harbor 160515727 Snug Harbor The grecon queen has come to visit 160591367 Snug Harbour Lounge this house gives me the creeps,I don't like to work on it for long it gives out an eerie feeling this is the lounge I have added the piano and the ornaments but everything else is original the prisoner appeared to put old stamps on the walls I must photograph in better light and what looks like old tea cards they are mostly kings and queens ,the prisoner created all the furniture which had been glued to the floor over the years it has come away so I was able to cut some fabric ready for my cross stitching mats which is now covering the floor ,the prisoner took time to create false beams on the walls and a fireplace with what looks like cracker jack elephants on the mantle ,the tv has bush on the front and a little sideboard and centre table and sofa twin opening doors go out onto the back patio they appear to be made of thick card and remnants of old paint colour chart pieces are used in the kitchen and bathroom,I have not worked on this house yet just cleaned and disinfected I don't mind working on the outside but when the thatch top lifts off its so creepy,I often wonder who created this house and what life they must have had in dartmoor prison back in the 60s I do remember going past in the car as a child back then the prisoners where chained together going to cut stone at the quarry they used to stare at us they have a museum in dartmoor now but I could not get any further information of who may have built this house I have added the newspaper article that came with the house from the original owner who won it in a raffle 169022480 Snug Harbour newspaper article that came with the house 169022626 Snug Harbour with the flash I have captured the bottom floor of this spectacular cottage. the grecon dolls are my addition and the queens flags are for the jubilee . 169067871 Snug Harbour this is the original creators description of the cottage a faux sale board attached to the fence with a faux estate agents address ball and chain dr princetown very apt 169068494 Snug Harbour Fireplace fireplace with chimney that goes up through to the next level and then continues to the roof , 169068727 Snug Harbour wall picture 169130952 Snug Harbour wall picture 169131224 Snug Harbour wall picture 169131225 Snug Harbour wall picture 169131492 Snug Harbour wall picture 169131493 Snug Harbour wall picture 169131816 Snug Harbour right side of house ,the prisoner appears to have used a model railway finish a thick mossy effect with tree branches ,this covers most of the house and some on the thatch 169318676 Snug Harbour a little coal storage 169318811 Snug Harbour outside toilet 169318812 Snug Harbour outside toilet appears to have had a chain at some point 169318810 Snug Harbour outside toilet ,comes with little paper roll and towel 169318813 Snug Harbour garage doors ,over the years the doors have warped,they appear to be made from thick card like the inside doors ,a rough texture to the drive 169318718 Snug Harbour this is the top level that lifts off to reveal the downstairs,the thatch top sits on top it comes with three bedrooms and bathroom,I have not touched anything just cut some fabric for the floor to cross stitch with all the furniture is stuck to the walls and floors and the bed sheets are fixed 169368746 snug Harbour view from back a little kitchen with what looks like paint tester cards used for floor and cupboards ,same is used in the bathroom and outside patio ,there is a little garden to the right ,the sofa is also glued to the floor but the creepy doll is mine 169368747 snug harbour christmas I decided at last to put a Christmas tree in the little bay window ,I remember these from when I was young all the real bay windows lit up with fairy lights ,finding a tree that would fit was a job the other bay at the other side has a couch glued to the floor so the tree ended up in the dining room ,it is a silver tinsel barton tree it did have some original fitted lights but I added some battery ones and ended up standing it on an upside-down empty metal candle light case ,this year I do plan to take the grecon queen away and her guards and jubilee decorations down and add a family ,I will have to search through my collection and find some ,I think they will not be to scale as this house is around 12th scale but grecons are my favourites hope you enjoy 189336701 christmas plate After wondering around Keswick today I found this lovely little plate of sweets in an antique shop it has lovely Christmas holly leaves and berries painted on the rim and underneath 199518731 christmas plate 199518732 christmas acorn also purchased a little bunch of plastic Christmas decorations with tiny acorns ,unfortunately the dollhouses they came with had been sold its just as well as I do not have the room for anymore but just cannot resist the antique shops and all tiny objects in the glass cases 199518733