Schneegas Furniture Schneegas Furniture Two Schneegas chairs Art Deco fireplace, FGT gas fire , coal scuttle and the two chairs from Dale. Bread and cheese now for a month! 147314135 The wardrobe was my Christmas present to myself The day after I bought the two chairs from Dale another seller put some more on and as these go with the wardrobe, I had to have them! 147314136 Two more! The other seller also had these beauties so now I have plenty of chairs! Luckily I have two empty houses waiting for them! 147314137 chair with replacement pink silk.. and is easily removed.. 183554585 if you look closely you can see the tiny fragment of silk that is peeping out.. 183554586 i covered the 2 card templates, then glued them on to the chair seat and back.. originally the silk would have been attached by pushing the centre piece in with the silk.. too risky to take the middle pieces out. 183554587