Joan's Indian house Joan's Indian house 138176167 The living room. The mosaic floor was made with sesame seeds and lentils glued on to card and then sealed. 138176141 Cushions made from Indian fabrics. 138176142 A collection of tiny elephants. 138176143 This jug and goblets are what inspired the whole project. 138176144 The wall hanging was a purse. 138176145 The lantern was a pepper pot with rust added and lined with acetate painted with glass paint. The bed was made from an "after 8 mints" holder,the drapes were an Indian scarf and the cushions were xmas tree decorations. 138176146 The wicker chairs are resin and I painted them and added cushions. 138176147 138176148 138176149 138176150 Inside of upstairs windows. 138176151 Inside first floor windows. The window canopies are made from an old leather wallet. 138176152 138176165 Detail round front door. 138176153 138176164 Inside door. 138176154 Full view of front. 138176155 The kitchen is my pride and joy!!! 138176156 138176158 138176159 The stove is lit. 138176160 138176161 138176162 138176163 138176166 138176168 Front door with gates closed. 138177284 gates and door open. 138176169 An atmospheric peep through a window. 138176170