Joan's latest project! Joan's latest project! 24th scale house I found last Friday. This is going to be a gift to a friend.She travels a lot so I thought a 24th scale made good sense.I would have liked an antique one but the tiny ones are so expensive! Wait till you see what I do with this!!! 136995978 Interior. After much deliberation I have decided to remove the stairs as it will make the rooms more interesting. 136995983 Can't help trying it out! I'm cracking on with this one as it won't take long and it will be one less in the queue! 136995979 Choosing the papers! 136995980 136995981 136995982 Been busy! Finishing touches needed if it is going to look old and dusty! 137020543 Outside finished! 137095952 137095953 Changed my mind about the paper! I forgot I had this lovely sheet of hand made paper. 137095955 137095956 137095957 Getting there! 137095958 137171790 137171791 They always look better when the curtains go up! 137171792 Bedroom done! 138362934 138362929 138362931 Living room done! 138362930 138362932 138362933 kitchen finished! There were just 2 small jobs left to do in here,so it is typical that I waited till a couple of days before Frankie comes to get them done!!!! 144738314 I've rescued the cake before it falls on the floor! Nice subdued colours,taken without a flash. 144738315 144738788 ready for delivery! 144738317