DOLL'S HOUSE BED PARADE DOLL'S HOUSE BED PARADE Seen on eBay I kept the picture of this lovely bed because I liked it so much! 117522302 Handmade Victorian I made this bed from dolls house plastic railings,some wood strips and dowel and some washers and beads! 117522310 Victorian bed with covers. I filled the quilt with pudding rice.It makes it quite heavy and it sits well on the bed. 117522307 Small brass bed. 117522309 Brass bed with covers I made this quilt from a pocket paper hanky holder. 117522308 New bed, new mattress. Shall I paint the bed black? 117589193 German bed I bought this bed from Barbara on eBay and we became friends! 117522311 Handmade wicker crib This lovely crib was made by a really nice lady who comes to our car boot sale sometimes. 117522312 Oldest bed I have One of these is in one of Vivien Greene's books. She said that the mattress was home-made but mine is identical so I think they were made with the beds. I've tacked the bedding on, so too lazy to take it off for photo today. 117589194 Small German bed. 117522315 MY FAVOURITE BED! I just love this one, it lives in my Edwardian house. 117522317 This cot was a xmas tree decoration 117943803 Hi baby! Barbara found me this crib at Cobham last year. Thanks again Barbara!!!! 117522316 Not very old but nice! 117522313 Car boot sale find This had bits missing which I replaced. I've never been sure whether to paint it or not! 117522318 2 nice small metal beds 117522323 2 more nice metal beds 117522326 Not very old nice wooden bed 117522322 Wicker cot I think this may be 1950s. 117522304 Painted modern bed This bed is in Wisteria House. It was white wire which I painted black, with brass knobs. 117522303 Bed in Indian House I made this bed using an After Eight mints holder which I painted.The drapes are an Indian scarf and the cushions were Xmas tree decorations! 117522314 Big bold gold bed This is going in my latest project which is for a little girl. It is another white wire bed which I gilded. 117522320 Westacre Village 1920's 117584351 Wooden beds L-R German Scheegas c 1900, German steam pressed c 1900, German Harras 1880, Small slatted bed 1860's, 117584352 Wire & metal beds Large wirework bed 1900-1930, metal beds 1920's 117584353 More wooden beds L-R small wooden bed, wooden bed with fabric mattress 1930's, homemade bed, large & small Kensalcraft 1930's, 117584354 Three metal beds The three bears could sleep here, probably 1920's 117584355 1920s-30's beds L-R Pit-a-Pat, German plain wood, Westacre. 117584356 Bed and Quilt Waiting for my newbuild '40s' cottage to be finished. 117692875 117603306 117603314 Handpainted cot 1960s 118210612 Handpainted bed 1950s 118210614 12th Scale cot Lamb printed cotton fabric - very sweet 118472846 Child's Bed Transfer at foot is on sideways! 118472847 Lines Bros 1920's 119034765 Wedding bands 'mini' just finished quilting this...I found it on is copied onto cotton fabric. I backed it and lined it, then I hand quilted it.. 129460012 Wedding bands 'maxi' Couldn't resist putting it on this one that I made some years ago.... 129460013 A brass bed with high head 129596137 Brass bed with high head from the side 129596138 A brass bed with a low head 129596139 Brass bed showing the springs 129596140 Charle Rennie Mackintosh 129963440 French bed 129963441 Looks pretty comfy 129963442 Early Barton Beds These are in Laura's Triang 77 and I have just made mattresses for them! 131730453 Early Barton Beds without Mattresses They came with theses striped pieces of paper simulating mattresses but I think mine are better! 131730454 Early Barton Beds dressed The pillows were made from a top bought from a charity shop and the eiderdowns from a silk scarf. 136046483 Three Wooden Beds No idea who made the pink and cream beds. The cream bed has Griffins Dolls Hospital Harrow stamped underneath. The other bed, Dol Toi? is more green than yellow. 135668996 Modern bed, marvellous mattress 133186327 Phoenix built 133186328 Bisque Doll in Antique Metal Bed This is one of the beds I bought at Cobham in June and the Doll came with a Job Lot. She was naked and filthy, with one eye and no feet! She's quite pretty actually! 135669817 New drapes 136046482 Tootsietoy undressed! These are Laura's beds that her sister bought for her. 139821889 TootsieToy Dressed These are made of metal and quite small, ideal for a nursery. Not quite finished as they need top covers. 139821888 Cot made from odds and ends I have just finished making this cot 140431017 Side view of cot Thank you Violet for the drape material. 140431317 Bed bought from Liza Hooe House bedroom 200133720 Liza's bed with new hangings. I have spent today dressing this bed. Just needs a pillow now! 200134894 Bed at the back made from a buckle and Balsa Cot by Fairylite? Bedding made by me. 160450496 Jenny's Home single beds, 1969-70 Polystyrene foam base, covered in red flock, which is vulnerable to damage, as can be seen in this photo. (I covered the exposed white polystyrene with red paint). A damaged mattress doesn't show once the bed is made up, though. 195982376