Clock parade Clock parade Ormalu carriage clock 1900-1920 117124871 German mantle clock 1920's 117124872 Westacre Grandfather clocks 1920's 117124873 Shabby German wall clock A shabby clock for a shabby house! 117124874 Early Victorian domed clock This little clock has lost it's top, but I still love it. 117124875 German mantle clock 1920-30's 117124876 German alarm clock 1920-30's 117126321 Dol-toi 1950's 117126322 Tiny toy 1930's 117126323 Barton 1950's 117126324 Walterhausen Victorian 1860-1880 117126325 Homemade 117126326 German grandfather clock probably 1920's sorry this is a bit blurred. 117126758 Dol-toi 1950's 117126759 My clock collection in downstairs loo! 117140684 Some clocks I made. 117140685 Some of my old clocks 117140686 From my Edwardian house. The quality of this little clock is amazing! 117141897 Ebay purchase. The figure is broken off the the top and I haven't got round to fixing it yet. 117141898 This was an earring! 117141899 117299476 117603860 I made an American clock this weekend. 117713060 Plastic 117798931 118474512 Cuckoo Plastic but pretty.The weight move ! 131270287 Longcase Dol Toi ? Barton ? 131270288 Longcase Mystery .Prob an OOAK 131270289 Beauty Love this one.Its made from Genuine Clock parts 131270290 Tiny Toy in Blue 131270291 Mystery Now is this a Tiny Toy that has been stripped back with a re-placement dial ! 131270292 Erhard & Sohne Ormolu Clock #3044 Missing its face 131274038 Erhard & Sohne Ormolu Clock #1961 Face is a replacement 131688233 2 barton clocks.... barton tudor grandfather clock with replacement face paper... near it is the barton grandfather clock. 156068375 barton tudor grandfather... not sure yet if this is the face that should be in this clock?? i will replace this if it isn't right.... 156068376 Wooden clock with wonky paper face The clock isn't marked - it has glue & cardboard residue on the back, suggesting that it came stuck down in a boxed set of living room or dining room furniture. (The cutlery is marked Germany, and I bought them at the same time, but I don't know anything about where they'd come from.) 156773322 Pit a Pat Mantle Clocks Two slightly different sizes... otherwise exactly the same. 158684647 one of my favourites A vintage silver stand for a pocket watch. I've put a silver wristwatch inside, a working clock...if I remember to wind it every 2 days :) 168904562