Dolls houses Dolls houses Queen Anne 111656346 Inside 111656600 Somebody elses house This is someone elses dollshouse from ebay, but it shows a similar set of stairs. 111710220 Triang Sticker 111656601 Side view Sadley the four side windows are missing on the house. 111710221 Queen Anne My house with her carboard roof, I have now put a layer of brown paper on to make it stronger. 113253522 Queen Anne Inside 113253523 Wallpaper Does anyone know if this is orginal triang wallpaper ?? (back wall). 113253524 Fireplace, hand made. 113253525 Maple Street dolls house 2005 This little house is 24th scale. I bought it as a blank kit from Ty bach a dolls house shop in north wales. 2005 111726327 Maple Street house The kitchen with a light and a light up fireplace. 111726328 Maple Street house The play room. 111726329 Maple Street house The bedroom. I made the little crib myself (however I cut my finger open in the process haha and still have the scare ooppss). 111726330 Triang House Well as you can see she is rather a state. Not a clue where to start!!! 111741011 111741012 111741013 111741014