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Quirky Boots
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Hi everyone, I use to have a gorgeous triang when I was a little girl and I've been searching for one locally so I can replace that as it was super lovely.

I've just got this dolls house which i believe is a toyworks! I'm just wondering what sort of furniture went in a house like this?

Any help would be lovely thank you x

Deanne x

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Linda B
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Open the bottle of wine while I think about it!

Seriously, welcome to the site.

It is really down to personal taste, but I always think these colourful, cheery houses look good with colourful  furniture.

Plastic Kleeware or wooden Tofa come to mind.



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... Or little plastic furniture by Marx... Is it a 1/24th scale ?

Blue-Box too makes nice furniture full of colors in the same scale...


I am now here on Blogger too and still here on Flickr

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Ooh - Linda - Tofa - in red! Lovely in here.


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Rebecca Green
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Hi Deanne, I'm not sure what scale this house is? How high are the ceilings in the rooms?

I've added a photo of a house of mine which I furnished with Tofa furniture.  It's 1/16th scale. It's in my album Rebecca's Collections, but if you click on Recently Added in the Photo Gallery, or go to my profile and click on Photos, you should find it fairly easily.

I agree that colourful plastic furniture would look good - Triang Spot-On in 1/16th scale, or Bluebox in 1/24th - there's also Jean of West Germany, Marx as Ysé mentioned - keep your eye out for possible pieces and see how they look in the house and together!

I'm not sure if the house is a Toy Works - it looks very like a Park Toys dolls house I have photos of. That is decorated in Tudor half-timbering style, but the placement and size of the windows, doors and chimney, and the design of the roofing and base look the same. It doesn't really matter for furnishing it - I don't think Park Toys sold furnished houses, and Toy Works sold or illustrated their houses furnished with Jean, Blue Box and other plastic furniture.

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I happen to have a complete set of Tofa furniture gathering dust in a cupboard. A livingroom, a kitchen and a bedroom all in yellow-red.

If you are willing to pay for postage, about 6 to 10 GBP, I would be more then happy to give it to you.

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