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I decided to tell you the tale of Alice Villa .In 2002 an article about this cute little house appeared in IDHN and I loved it so much I decided to replicate it.The original was very small so I scaled it up to 12th.To date,it is still the favourite of all the houses I have made.Recently,Linda ,who has become a friend via this site asked me to send her photos and info of my houses and I started with Alice Villa.She loved it and thought it was a real old one.That day the original Alice Villa came up for sale on ebay and I sent her the link so she could see the original.To cut a long story short,by the next morning Alice was sold,Linda's hubby having bought it for her because she loved mine! I'm so thrilled that someone I know owns the original.Isn't it strange that the repro Alice was responsible for the original being sold?The 2" Alice came up for sale but I was way outbid!!! I'm thinking of making one of my own.

Have any others of you got an interesting doll's house tale to tell?

ps I have just made a new album of my Alice.I'm hoping Linda will put on an album of the original!

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Box backs are dead easy - how about a competition? 3 inches high,max. plus wallpaper and stoves and fireplaces.....and watch out for copyright. All mine are using my own artwork, nothing is taken from anywhere else except reduced wallpapers. And Lucky You, Linda!  I looked and loved and no way could I afford the Real Alice!

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Thank you Joan for a lovely story and for the photos of your 'Alice'. You are very talented and have captured the vintage look beautifully. As for Linda - what a lovely husband - and, yes, please post some photos. I personally would love to hear more stories of dolls houses owned and their journey into your possession and anything you know about their past. To me that is part of the charm of vintage dolls houses and items.



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Joans' story of Alice Villa could not have been told better!!! She is an amazing dolls house builder and I am very proud to call her my friend. He talents are never ending. I want to thank the DHPP site and all of my contacts from this site for inspiring me and helping me through renovation projects in the last year. It has been so wonderful to share the passion for this hobby with others and until now, that has not been possible, (thank you internet and email) And yes, thank you to hubby for a wonderful birthday present and caring enough to make it happen, he is the best. Watch for original Alice Villa pictures to be posted soon. Rosemary I can already tell you that you have won the competition. I bet you are as capable as Joan! And I know "12create" is talented, she is working on making miniature books, what an undertaking!!

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I have another dolls house tale to tell. "THE TALE OF GRAVEL LANE HOUSE". Last November,my husband,who is runner up in "husband of the year" contest,bought me a darling little Victorian house on ebay.The seller lived in Wilmslow in Cheshire and we collected it on our way to Anglesey where my family live. Good old sat nav. got us there no problem and we were getting very close to the address when,waiting to turn right at an extremely busy junction, the clutch went and we were stranded as the car wouldn't move.I phoned the RAC on my mobile and the man was some distance away and we had a 45 minute wait! I phoned the seller to explain why we would be late and the next minute she was knocking on the car window!!! She had brought the house to the car in case we got towed and missed getting it! A lorry had gor stuck behind us and there was a huge traffic jam but there was only one impatient motorist and the lady knocked on his car window and told him off!!! It was quite surreal! When the RAC man arrived he had it fixed in a moment and we were on our way! The road we were stuck on was called Gravel Lane,hence the name of the house.

The woman I bought it from had bought it on ebay herself,but had never restored it apart from washing the beautiful old lace curtains and she didn't know any of it's history which is a shame.

I already had a handbuilt house from 1912 but Gravel Lane "feels" so much older.I often put my nose in it because it just breathes atmosphere.It is still work in progress and I am not rushing it.Every time I look at it I am reminded of our "mini adventure". :)

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A post-script to the Alice Villa story! :)

This morning the loveliest thing happened! In among all my ebay packets was a very special parcel from Jill Shapiro,who previously owned the real "Alice Villa".She sent me a tiny replca of Alice with a certificate saying it was specially made for me and signed by her and the maker.I feel very privileged indeed to have been honoured with such a gift! I still can't believe it!

I have posted photos in my Alice Villa album! What a lovely generous lady she is! :) :) :)

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