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Daniels Dollshouse
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Yes the Miss Potter thing was great fun! If our esteemed leader would like it, I will write an article on experience for the next online magazine. Please let me know


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I hope you do Daniel,and your 20 sec clip has been watched over and over in this house!!

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Rebecca Green
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Sounds like a great article, Daniel! I look forward to it.

Another film which has dolls houses in it is Atonement. There are at least two in Briony's bedroom. It's been a while since I read the book, but I think the dolls houses in the film version symbolise something about her character that is expressed slightly differently in the book.

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Rebecca Green
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Redrickshaw has scans from a few books on flickr, including  Big Susan, by Elizabeth Orton Jones (published 1947, and has wonderful illustrations) - and Five Dolls in a House, by Helen Clare (1953).

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