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Trumble's Mum
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Badger at April 18, 2018 at 6:40 AM

Does it matter if dealers buy them - they are selling on to the collectors. Keeps traders, couriers etc in work, and facilitates a purchase for us. EBay is accessible to all.......and you know what the carriage will be before you bid. Fewer ouches, when you add it all up!

No, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Infact, it opens up the possibility of buying to those of us who, like me, are nervous of bidding (long story - long before I was living on a small holding, I almost bought a cow....... Not much room for her in my bedsit though!) and for those who can't get to an auction house. So, for the d/h community at large it is a good thing.

I only meant that, for the owner of such a huge collection that must have been put together over decades, it might be sad to see them go in all directions and not to know their final fate, especially as this collection sounds to have sold quite cheaply.


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Yes , you’re right, Trumble’s Mum. I imagine it would be sad to see the dispersal and not their fate. It is a lesson to us not to become attached to our belongings I suppose? But we also have to consider their preservation for future generations!

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I have read thatbthe auction raised in excess of £150,000. The auction house did well too!

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