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Ironically my childhood dolls house suffered exactly the same fate being given away to a family who were in somewhat dire straits without my knowledge. I couldn't begrudge it as they really hardly had anything a very large family and the children dressed in 'hand me downs', it will definitely have got wrecked though I am sure they were very rough and tumble!

The thing I regret most about my dolls house loss is the contents rather than the house as they were all hand made for me some by very dear members of my family no longer with us and I have absolutely no hope any of the contents would ever turn up again as this was long, long before auction sites made people more likely to sell things.

Like Cestina though I am definitely overcompensating now!

As Jane says if I had been given the Edwardian dolls house I would not be able to part with it. Although I would constrain myself from buying it because of the style of it. It really needs some kind of custom table making and still difficult to display furniture in without the risk of things falling over or breaking every time it was opened.

Personally I don't think you can beat front opening dolls houses as they are so stable to use. The old Victorian Box Backs with their narrow widths and simple fronts really are quite practical easy to absorb into a house and pleasant to display.

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Clare Harlow
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Rosemary at February 24, 2018 at 1:07 PM

I don't think that there two Mystery Houses, it is the same one but came up for sale in December but didn't sell. It is a big house, lovely, but required a good space to display and open.

Sadly it is the same house but it wasn't offered for sale in December. Unfortunately it had to go as my new dog keeps trying to get at it and he eats everything. My other houses all fit in one room so I've put a lock on that door to keep him out.

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Really sorry to hear it was your house Clare you were so thrilled with your bargain and all the beautiful furniture.

At least it is better than letting your dog destroy it. I hope it found a nice new home.

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It is a gorgeous house, Clare, but yes, difficult to display and taking up about three times as much room as your average enormous dolls house! But so many lovely special features. I think it may have been a special one-off Lines, it had several of the Lines features, to my mind, but stepped up to the next level! I wonder, too, if it was based on a real house, and commissioned by the owner of the house for their children.

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