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Just to whet all your appetites, I spent two hours today photographing the most amazing house, a mix of some of the best makers, now mostly retired, and pure genius from the owner who has done some beautiful and inspired work in it. I will post in a day or so but rather worried by the message that keeps coming up in red capitals saying "V1 UNSUPPORTED Please direct siteowner to go to" I haven't the faintest idea what it means but it should get to Rebecca's attention somehow.

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The house  sounds very interesting, looking forward to any photos. As for V1 etc  no idea!  

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Looking forward to photos. I have just managed to post a couple of pics but it did take a while.
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I haven't had that message Rosemary, the site never ceases to surprise us!

But I'm looking forward very much to seeing what sounds like a fascinating house. :)



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Rebecca Green
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When does that message come up, Rosemary? When you're trying to post photos?


Rebecca :)

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When I am trying to send a message to another member, Rebecca. It has happened twice  - and refused to allow me to Edit the Lovely house.

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