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I'm sure I should know, but can anyone tell me anything about this firm? I have a nice big kitchen unit, probably 50s I would guess. with a label on the back, It is a black diamond shape with red print and also says made in England. I will try and put on some photos, but probably won't succeed.


Liza Antrim

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Zoe H
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It’s Barton’s label/stamp, Liza. A Barton & Co.



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Marion Osborne's book is invaluable for the Barton lover. I think they tend to be underestimated in the dolls' house world but then I am biased as that is the furniture my lovely English grandmother sent to me as a child. I love Barton and they went from after WWII up until about the 1980s, when I think they were bought up by Lundby. If I remember rightly, Mr Barton started off as a voluntary firefighter during the war, the firemen started making dolls house furniture to fill in the long hours between drills and fires, as they didn't need a great amount of materials and they could reuse old wood (even off bomb sites). Yes, looking at Marion's wonderfully informative book, the factory started off in 1945, using very thin plywood (for the backs) originally intended for the wings of Mosquito Bombers!

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BTW, Happy New Year, Zoe and Liza and everyone!

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