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Looking for some advice/ideas please..... I'm doing some work on my Triang 76. It has its original curtains, which I will leave in situ, but I would like to add some more attractive ones to the lower bay, and the upstairs, which can be seen when the house is opened.  How have people done this? I'm thinking that the best way might be to make some kind of pelmet, that curtains can hang from.

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Apologies if this is someone's blog on here and I don't know or you have already seen it but I did read this article ages ago and found it most helpful about the triang windows.
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Zoe H
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In one of my houses I've made little curtains, fixed in the open position and attached to the wood above the windows with double-sided sticky tape. In another house I've put four screw-hooks into the wood above the window and hung 'proper' curtains onto a piece of thick wire, shaped and placed on the screw-hooks as a curtain pole.  ('Hung' as in fed the wire through the open-sided hem at the top of each curtain.) 

Shed on the Pond's video has been shown on here before, Holly, but since it's such an excellent and useful piece of guidance it's well worth you posting it again as there are sure to be people who haven't seen it before.  That said, I think it has been said before that not many of us seem to be able to acheive what she does with the same apparent ease! I know I've never been able to lever the edges open so competently, no matter how hard I've tried, but I still aspire to it!



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Thank you Holly and Zoe - I haven't seen this, so I will certainly watch it later.

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