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I am at last in the process of furnishing my Hacker house (photos of it are in the Photo Gallery), and only now realise that it is not the standard 1:12 size that most dolls house fittings are made in. Most 1:12 pieces just look too large. The internal doors are just about 5" high so I understand that I should be looking for 1:16 scale furniture - I think! And I am having great difficulty in finding suitable furniture smaller than 1:12. In particular I am looking for a tin plate double bed for the larger bedroom (I have an original tin plate single bed in the small bedroom so would like to find something fairly similar). Overall, the period style I have in mind is mid-late 19c (Georgian) - delicate rather than heavy. I would very much appreciate any advice about where to look for pieces.
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Hi Dee.  

I used a seller on that well known auction site. For all my 1:16 furniture.  Good quality reasonable prices.  Genuine.

I'll message you wth name


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