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A few of you will have seen my Hobbies house that I am renovating in the photo gallery.  

I just cannot decide what sort of roof to put on.  I am using real brick slips for the lower body of the house, white paint with Tudor style strips on the top half, but cannot make my mind up whether to use traditional brick tiles or slate.

The house is approx 1950/60.

Anybody got any ideas or suggestions :)

Thanks YL

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Have you tried printing out a page of each - slates and tiles - and holding it in place to see what you prefer? I also find it helps to photograph the different mock-ups and put the pictures side by side.



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Trumble's Mum
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What are your thoughts for the interior/ is it to be a traditional, Tudor home or a modern (well, 70s or thereabouts) mock Tudor house? The original Tudor houses could have had either, depending on where they were built. I like the red tiles best where the house has been redone just as a 'black and white only' look used in victorian and later renovations, but grey might be a good contrast as you have used those wonderful brick slips.

Edel's idea to use a print out to try is great even if you ultimately use tiles/slates from the same company as you bought your brick slips from.
Love what you have done with your little house so far!


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Think I would try red tiles first as a mock up and you would need the windows in place for the full effect.

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Thank you for all your suggestions, I shall certainly take on board what you've said and print off some paper examples. I think I probably am leaning towards brick tiles to match the main building.  This is going to be a long job, the brick slips are taking for ever and I'm only half way through the front without doing the side of the house and possibly even the back��, so doing roof tiles aswell I think I might have gone slightly mad ��, but if a job is worth doing as they say.

Thanks again


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