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Only just getting into this hobby, but hooked already as recently I acquired a 1940s' homemade house and all its contents.

And I just had to share it here as it came this morning - very exciting!

It has full provenance. It was left on the pavement outside a charity shop and came with documentation of who it belonged to, even photos of the little girl and her parents, and a series of letters where the little girl asks for various things for her dolls' house.  Some of the things she mentions are still with it.

I will just clean the house and its contents and document it again.  It is so odd, that someone went to all the trouble to put together the original 1940s' letters that mention the house, etc, only for the house to end up dumped outside a shop!

It's not a 'pretty' house. But rather brilliant. Still got its (large scale) wallpaper, etc.

I got it because I write about genealogy, and thought I'd try and trace the little girl (quite a challenge tracing anyone post 1911 or so) and write about it. I managed to track her down and names on the back of photos confirm that she is who I think. So sad there are no descendants - and I think having the full history of the house, is probably unusual?

So, as I say, a light clean - no painting or wallpapering. Document, write my piece and then to find a way it can be enjoyed and/or shared, yet also preserved.

Am going to finish my Triang 61 restoration before I touch this, but I may well make a start on the furniture. Some of it made by dad and some by the little girl herself. She was born in 1934 and the letters mentioning the house start in 1942.

Anyone got any idea what I could do with it, once it's complete and I've finished the research? 

Also, I restore old sewing machines and often use Parker & Bailey's Orange Oil for cleaning up wood.  Anyone know if I can use this on dolls' house furniture, OK?

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You are going to have to create at least a scrap book of what you have done with the restortion and the genealogical research. Can you turn it into some sort of Art Work showing the history to the present day?

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Judy C
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How fabulous Mehitabel. (Welcome!!)

Perhaps you can arrange for it to appear at one or two dolls house and/or family history club events in the Yorks area.  You might raffle it maybe, or a msueum might want it?

If the original owner was a Yorkshire lass, is there a museum in her area?

A little local TV or news paper coverage will probably show you the way forward.  ;)

Please do keep us informed.


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Thanks, both.

Judy, it originally came from Surrey. I will do all the research, then see if I can find a permanent home for it, where it will be enjoyed.  I would keep it - but I have the Triang bug.;)


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