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Joy .
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Hi, I have been putting pine floors and ceilings in a house that is supposed to be modern Scandinavian. I want to finish them with a light golden pine colour and don`t know what to do. I have wasted money on a row of bottles of wood dye and wax polish and nothing works! I only want a light colour - just a little golden and not raw-looking, as it is now. Also, something easy and not too messy, as the wood is already installed in the house. Estapol has been recommended to me but does not seem available in Britain. I really want to get on with the wallpapering but can`t until I have sorted this out. Please help!

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Rebecca Green
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Estapol is a clear polyurethane finish for interior timbers - it does seem to be an Australian brand name, but perhaps if you search online, or ask in a hardware store, you'd find an equivalent in the UK?


Rebecca :)

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Patty W
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joy, if any of the products you have already bought are water based ('wash brush out in water' on tin), try putting some in a small dish and try diluting with a bit of water and then experiment with a spare piece of wood. Try applying to wooden surfaces with a ball of cotton wool wrapped in a pice of cotton to make a 'pad', instead of a brush. I f you have bought alot of products, it's a shame not to use them. I always experiment with products and rarely use anything as it says on the tin! sometimes a very light sanding to the already treated surface once dry also gives a good result.

Experimenting on a piece of pine will pay dividens, wood 'stains' in particular, are best applied with the pad method, rather than a brush. 

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Joy, have you tried Linseed Oil which will just bring out the natural colour of the wood?

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Mike recommended Danish Oil, not tried it myself yet.

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Joy .
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Thanks, people. My replies keep vanishing!

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Judy C
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I may be stating the obvious, but you will need to be very sparing with oil or wax as any residue will stain your wallpaper. 

I made a horrible grease stain in my actual full size house kitchen some years ago. I had to buy a stain sealer to spray on it before I could stop it spreading. :mad:

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