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wendy c
Posts: 129

They were so tiny and sweet, and looked quite old to me. Are they home made, or was it a little kit you could buy.....I'd be really interested to find out anything about them if you could help? There's a photo in my album.


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Linda B
Posts: 1505

Hi Wendy,

I remember in the 60s a very similar set of furniture my mother had.

Unfortunately I cant tell you anything else about them or how long she had had them.



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Wendy Stephen
Posts: 1743

Hi, I saw two chairs with that style back for sale on ebay they were described as "vintage handmade", didn't say if they were from a kit, so sorry can't answer that one. They are a lovely set any rough idea of scale?

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Kate Lennard
Posts: 12

They are very lovely. Great find! Did you see that Di Davies thinks she remembers them in a how to make section of a Brownie Annual? Amazing!


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wendy c
Posts: 129

Thanks for all your comments - I can just imagine a pack of Brownies sitting round surrounded by pins and thread and getting into a real tangle!  Thanks so much for that recollection. The table is about an inch high, so too small for 1/16th, but I'm sure I'll find something to do with them.

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Rebecca Green
Site Owner
Posts: 2083

If you don't have a house of the right scale, sometimes tiny furniture can be used for kids' (or dolls) furniture in 1/12th or 1/16th scale.

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