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Di Davies
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Hi. I have added pics of Amersham wallpapers, probably going back to 1940s-50s.  Feel free to copy them if you wish. I would be grateful if anyone can date these papers for me. I bought the house (The Gables), for spares as it wasn't in brilliant condition. Of course, when I had a good look at it, the charming little house began to give up it's secrets and there's no way I could begin dismantling it. It will take it's place in the queue with my other houses that are awating renovation.

The main bedroom and living room papers had had some old paper glued over them and it took a while to remove it to reveal the original stuff. Fortunately, the children who had 'redecorated' had used a water-soluble glue and I was able to gently soak it off. It has left some of the paper a bit patchy, but actually that's old glue, which I will gently remove when I have time.

Fortunately, the entrance hall and small bedroom had never been repapered, so the papers are in good condition (see captions with pics). The floors also have papers more or less intact, which are reminiscent of Triang wood-block flooring pattern. Lovely!




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Wendy Stephen
Posts: 1743

Hi Di, thank you for sharing your papers with everyone they are lovely, not just for an Amersham house but would also look great in any vintage house :)

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roberta snape
Posts: 123

very nice amersham papers, i've just added some pictures of lining paper i found in an old chest, looks like early 60's i think, might be nice to use for a doll house as well.

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Wendy Stephen
Posts: 1743

Thanks Roberta for sharing your papers, they are lovely old papers.

Many Thanks,

Wendy :)

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