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A website and ezine about dolls' houses: antique, vintage and modern. Plus furniture and accessories.

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Houses have a new home
More houses.
Susanne's Collections
Robyn's Collection
Sophia's findings
Pield Heath shops
Having a re-shuffle
Current Projects
assorted dolls
Iron People/History lesson!
Badger's story
Spiney Acres Cabin
Wooden castle
Blue house 2014
Debbie S Collection
Rosalind's dollshouses
Plastic furniture
Dollshouse-related items
Garages and lofts
Zoe H - Various Purchases
Jane's Dollhouses
Lizz houses
Shell Cottage
Furniture found locally
mbg's dollhouse dolls
dad made it
12Create's Treasures
German furniture
Valerie's Houses
Hayley's plastic houses
Mrs B's Houses
A Collection of Furniture
Wendy Stephen's Album
Dolls houses
Call of the Small
Nicks Collection
my house interiors
Michael J Kouri
Christine Cleymans
Gillian Cummins
Joan's Friends Houses
Bab's stuff
my new hobby
Amershams & Triangs
Wendy Cs' photos
Susanne's Houses
Marion M
claire quick
Erzulie's Furniture
Daniels dolls' houses
Margaret's Dolls Houses
Erzulie's Houses
my old houses
roberta's house
Siegi's Dollshouses
Rebecca's Collections

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