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New member Dee would like to know more about her dolls house. She says, "Since checking other houses on your website I am pretty sure that my house is a Christian Hacker, but would l really like to have it confirmed. Underneath it there are marks in pencil: 'z' or 'e' in pencil script, below that in pencil script '138/5' and a capital 'M' in heavy pencil or perhaps ink. And then below this 'MADE IN GERMANY' is stamped in ink. I would be very grateful for any help on identifying the marks as they may identify the model, date and individual maker. As far as I know, the house has been in my family since around 1900 or maybe before, and has been very well used over the decades! The original roof is missing, it has been repainted several times and the balcony replaced (I intend to replace the existing one with a CH replica). Apart from in the kitchen and hall, the floor papers were in extremely bad condition and very patchy."
Front of house
Kitchen and hall.
Top floor
Top floor - small room
Base of house
Base of house
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