val's stockbrokers val's stockbrokers Bathroom I have two stockbrokers, one, the first house I ever bought, was overpainted and I renovated it, Victoria , William and their large brood of children live in that one, Grandad and grandma live in the second, which is in original condition. I didn't find them easy houses to furnish, and I'm constantly changing things around. On the whole, I've settled for 1/12 furniture. This is the bathroom in Victoria's house 205102316 Girls bedroom Mostly 1/16 furniture. 205102317 Baby's room 205102318 Kitchen Because I took the dresser off the wall in the kitchen, I was able to swap the downstairs rooms about so the kitchen is on the right hand side, with the back door in it. 205102319 Victoria and Williams bedroom The adults bedrooms are the ones I've never been satisfied with. The wardrobe, dressing table and chest are 1/12 and look ok, but the bed from the set looked too big 205102320 Living room Probably too tidy for a couple with so many children. Modern 1/12 sofa and chair. 205102321 Grandmas kitchen Original paper, I covered the floor with card. The dresser is fixed to the wall so this is the left side room, again, most of the furniture is 1/12 205102322 Grandma and grandads bedroom Kensalcraft wardrobes. 205102323 Grandmas sewing room This is still being put together, because I've never been very happy with the bedrooms, I decided to make one of the upstairs rooms a sewing room 205102324