so what happens now? so what happens now? A quiet cup of tea. "So, " said George, " your cousin Jose is comming home." " yes" said Mary sadly""I don't think she expects her love affairs to last" they sat in silence for a while. "She never fools herself about her dreams. " agreed George. "I wonder what sort of reception she will get" he mused. " a troubled one, Jose is used to trouble" replied Mary. 205028392 The homecoming Jose stood outside her mothers imposing mansion, summoning up the courage to go in. She pushed open the door and called "I'm home mother" but there was No reply. She put her suitcase down in the hall 205028393 Looking for mother "I don't care" she told herself. She looked into the kitchen. " even though it's smart its gloomy, " she thought, "mother makes it that way. I'm used to it, in fact, I'm immune to gloom." 205028394 But... She left her suitcase in the hall, but when she looked into her old bedroom, all her words deserted her,. It was totally empty, all her furniture, her clothes, her old toys, all had gone. Even her picture had been taken off the wall and put face down on the mantlepiece. " now I know, anyone can hurt me" she thought bitterly 205028395 Back downstairs She went downstairs again. " three months, give me three months, " she thought " I'll be fine, I know I will" she picked up her suitcase and her picture. 205028396 Leaving "I'll forget her. " she vowed. "I'll forget her name and her face, " but that doesn't help, not here and now" and she walked away with her suitcase and her picture 205028397 Ps This is what Jose thought she would see in her bedroom, I bought then at Pudsey from Elizabeth. 205028398 The glazing bars have been very well done - just paint. The balcony room window extra wood bars appear to be original, and I like the way it balances the rest of the house well. The red line around the attic window appears to be original too, To counter-act the dropping of the front, a wedge has been placed to the left - I'll post close-up of it so you may see. 205032801 205032817 inside of my door This is the front turned round, you can see the problem of getting into the porch room. Bottom right is where the wood broke where a hinge should be. The house is nowhere near finished, there are no internal doors yet and the front door hasn't been painted or attached. 205032870 Sorry - this got duplicated because the system is having it's usual sulk and hadn't downloaded it so I did it again and it had sneaked it in and won't allow me to delete it..... Anyway, I don't know why your Garden Room is half sealed off, Val, this is how mine is. Much lower than the windows. 205032958