Shanni's Strombecker Modern Dollhouse Shanni's Strombecker Modern Dollhouse Front This is a lovely, masonite dollhouse produced by, or for, the Strombeck-Becker Mfg. Co. (Strombecker), Moline, Illinois, USA, in the late 1950's. Most of this Strombecker furniture was included with the purchase of this home. I updated the porch furniture, and added the tea cart, buffet, lamps and two yellow kitchen chairs. The exception is the little side table lamp. I think that is Nancy Forbes. 204790275 Back Five rooms, with a combination Living and Dining, this home has no operating windows or doors, but the top flips up for "easy access". Unfortunately, it did not come with the patio rails. Don't fall dollies!! 204790276 Bath and Kitchen The yellow table set in the kitchen is hard set to find, so I was very lucky to have extra chairs to outfit it. 204790277 Bedroom and Living/Dining Room I love the open concept between the linving and dining rooms. The plant divider is part of the house, it has a groove that it sits in and can be removed. 204790278 Dining Room Such cute cat graphics. So Mid Century! 204790279 Living Room Love the mod curtains. 204790280 Bedroom So TV 40's, twin beds for mom and dad! 204790281 Kitchen I had to show those awesome louver doors that lead into the dining room! Well, hope you enjoyed the tour. This is the most expensive dollhouse I ever purchased. But it is worth it. I enjoy it every day. 204790282