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 No offence, Judy, but the freezer idea has been around for years - we tried it when I got my 53 from Joan Gibson when she lived in Bedford, so that would have been  in the early 1980s.  The freezer used to be out in our garage then, but we eventually decided to bag the house and store it next to the freezer as we really needed all the space in the freezer for meals for our six dogs! We were told about this treatment idea, we didn't invent it ourselves  :) 

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I know freezing of collectables is a fairly old idea. I know I have used it on teddies for years to kill any insect life.

Oh dear. Perhaps I should have phrased the question differently so as not to upset Judy who seems to be trying to take out the patent!

If we are getting legal: I herewith surrender any and all implied claims that it might have been my idea! It was just a passing thought.;)

I really wanted to know if anyone had actually tried it...

Was it a successful treatment with your 53 Rosemary :)

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Rebecca Green
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No no - Judy ended her comment with a wink! This one: ;) - which means she was not being serious about it being her idea, just mentioning that we've discussed it before, I think.


Rebecca :)

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Oh good, if she was just being silly that's a relief :) Ever the diplomat Rebecca thank you.

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Well, the black bag treatment certainly worked but did involve a lot of patience! My husband refused to allow it out of the bag for a full year! It was very exciting when I eventually got my hands on the house, like having it for a second time. In those days I had very little "play" time so it wasn't too bad - I had lots of projects on the go and none of getting completed because of work committments.  Of course, some of these wormed houses bring big problems as encountered by one of our members when the base was crumbling away. A new base is not too hard to make but I had one which went through just in a collapse in one area when all the rest of the house had been done. It was unexpected setback and in fact I just rebuilt it up from below using a trashy paperback novel with it's pages pasted together - I could get the right height that way. Not an ideal solution but it worked well.

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I love the idea of your trashy paperback novel giving new life to your house Rosemary ;) It is amazing what you can do with papier mache, it can be very sturdy, when you think the Victorians even made (full size) furniture out of it. Best I ever managed was a piggy money bank out of a balloon. Its good to hear of houses being rescued from near collapse your husband sounds a bit like mine with his determination to quarantine the house for a year. I have to admit it is sensible woodworm can cause severe damage in property if they get in the floors or anywhere really. We have a lot of old stripped pine fitments original to the property so do have to always err on the side of caution. It is getting harder I think all the time though to find old dolls houses that have not been badly infested. We get wrinkles dolls houses get woodworm!

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