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Slightly disconcerted to see an over painted SB on a certain site being described as original paintwork. No flowers left. You can actually see where the new cream coloured brushwork has run over the beams in some places and the papers are not the original, nor floors and a chimney is missing.

I just find it upsetting that something is described as something it isn't. 

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Me too, Rosemary, but I think in many cases it's ignorance and not even bothering to look. I also think some people have an odd idea of what 'original' means -- just like some people have a very odd idea of what 'antique' means.

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Val Hill
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I think its probably an honest mistake. The seller says she was given it second hand as a child, if it had been overpainted then she wouldn't have realised there are flowers under the paint. It's highly unlikely she is a doll house collector so wouldn't realise the importance of original paper. Even antique sellers seem to have a blank spot where doll houses are concerned, I have seen Triang and even Lines given a coat of paint to 'do them up' for resale. I once got so exasperated with a seller who insisted the plastic windows and gloss in a Triang house had been necessary as 'it was in such a state' I offered to paint his Georgian table in gloss to 'improve' it. He got the point.

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LOL Val!

I do think lots of sellers innocently "misrepresent" what they are selling. It's surprising how many people just don't see the difference between original and repainting/repapering - anything that isn't brand new looks "vintage", "old" or "antique" to them. One of my personal pet hates is the fashion here in Germany for "shabby chic" with perfectly good small antique cupboards for instance being given "antique"-looking coats of carefully chipped white paint when the original wood was so much nicer and more authentic.

Also, lots of non-collectors don't understand about authenticity or integrity when it comes to old toys - plastic additions/replacements for wood or metal or the dreaded sticky paper are perfectly acceptable to lots of people.  

And many people have genuine difficulty identifying the materials things are made of - I have bought metal-headed and celluloid dolls, which I collect, that were advertised in good faith as "porcelain" or "china", even though the photos made it obvious to someone with experience that they were the metal or celluloid that I was looking for. In those cases, I benefitted from the sellers' ignorance as fewer competing bidders found the wrongly described auctions. ;)



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Trumble's Mum
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I think some people misuse phrases and words. To this seller, 'original' may well mean 'as I remember it as a child' or even 'not very recent.'

Words such as antique, vintage etc. used to have an accepted meaning but, since the coming of that site, anything goes. We were looking to see what the value of toys my children had in the 80s would sell for today and came across a Fisher Price Chatterphone described as,'a very old antique toy made of old-fashioned plastic from a very, very long time ago.' I now consider myself to be pre-antique and my mother must be pre-historic. :D:P


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I reckon anything that's slightly older than me now counts as antique, though others may say not even that old!


Liza Antrim

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There is a house at the moment that I'm not sure it's as the description states, as not interested in buying this one have not look into it any further, the description can indicate its worth more so have to be careful.

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