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I am sorry if this has been covered somewhere but I am in a rush this morning and have no time to search the archives; if it has maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Those who have read my latest blogpost will know that I am having camera problems and yesterday it became clear that my trusty but ancient budget compact camera, the Casio Exlim, has finally died.   So I am looking for a replacement, certainly below £200, and preferably a bit less than that.   It occurred to me that many of you must be using cameras for miniatures, which is my main need so I thought I would ask if there are any suggestions.  

It does have to be a compact, my hands will no longer handle anything bigger. A friend has lent me an SLR but the sooner I am back to a compact, the better. I am happy to use auto functions mainly rather than fiddle with apertures etc.  The video bit is not important; it's the quality of the macro that matters most to me.

I have been reading reviews endlessly of budget compact cameras, including the Which reports, and am completely bewildered by the choice available so I thought personal experience might be helpful.I'd be grateful for any advice! Many thanks - I now need to rush off to Small Worlds.


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I have an old Canon Ixus 60 (for at least 8 years+  now) and it has one of the closest macro focus ranges I've ever used.  I see that you can still get hold of it for under £100.  I don't know if that will be of any use to you?


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Zoe H
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I know it sounds odd but I use the camera function on my iPhone 6 for my Grecondale Tales, my other miniature blog and any photos of miniatures I take.  It takes brilliant close-ups with no need to do any kind of adjustment - it auto-focuses or, you have an option to tap the screen to tell it what exactly you would like it to focus on if you wish. I don't use a tripod and my hands can be quite shaky at times but it seems to adapt to this because I rarely get a blurred photo. It's also very easy to get into small places and to zoom in. It's far superior to the reasonably up-to-date Canon camera I have. They're not cheap but you are getting an excellent camera and a very good 'phone too.



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Thanks both.   I have no smart phone and I don't really want one. I am of the "this is a phone and I talk and text on it and want nothing else of it!" school of thought.  So I think that is out for me.

I have been looking at a Canon Ixus 285 which comes out well in all the tests.   Will take a look at the other now....Unless that's the one that is less good than your i-phone Zoe?


Cestina's Dollshouses: "I'm a train....."

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Linda B
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I have just taken photos of my newly renovated pub with my trusty 10+ year old Nikon coolpix 200.

Battery is now rubbish, but this cheap and cheerful camera still takes half decent photos even though I have STILL not worked out how to change the settings, lol



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