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Post topics here regarding items you're wanting to to renovate, restore, make or build. Questions about how to best do things, what tools or materials to use, what's supposed to go in that empty slot your house has or how to source missing bits...
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Removing Shingles
131 2 months ago
Opinions on Lighting wanted please
2139 4 months ago
Recommendations for dolls house restorater
157 4 months ago
345 4 months ago
Help please - how to find good home for dolls house
262 4 months ago
Green Triang Paint
11291 4 months ago
Old style red brick paper
11353 5 months ago
G&J Lines No72
3168 5 months ago
Wallpaper Stripping
5149 5 months ago
Woodworm in my 1930s handmade house - help please
20379 6 months ago
Christopher Cole windows
11273 6 months ago
1167 7 months ago
Sheffield dolls house builder/renovator
2196 8 months ago
Printing Out Wallpaper?
7376 8 months ago
New to Triang Restoration - Hekp Please!
5181 8 months ago
Lattice windows.
12272 9 months ago
Art Deco dolls house help wanted
5124 9 months ago
5145 10 months ago
Fablon residue
15671 10 months ago
Repro Tri-ang fixtures and fittings
8493 over a year ago
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